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Farewell Class of 2020

Sunday morning, May 24th 2020. I am sitting by myself at my kitchen table thinking about the Class of 2020 and the future of education. Today, my youngest son Aiden will graduate from high school. I am feeling uneasy. Memories are flooding my thoughts of my children and their school experiences. My kids were spread... Continue Reading →

Turn Your PLC into a PLN

If you are not part of a Professional Learning Network (PLN) outside of your building, you should consider it. Many schools have instituted a system of Professional Learning Communities (PLC's) inside their school walls. If managed properly, the PLC concept can foster a culture of collaboration, but can also have its drawbacks. You may be... Continue Reading →

Spaced Practice Using Google Forms Quizzes

Teachers use a wide variety of instructional practices to help students retain information. Most commonly, teachers will begin a lesson or unit, assign activities/homework to reinforce important concepts, and then give a summative assessment at the end to test student mastery. Unfortunately, what occurs often is that students employ a study strategy for tests called... Continue Reading →

Retrieval Practice Using Go Formative

There are many ways in which we can formally assess our students. No matter how a teacher incorporates this teaching strategy, most agree, formative assessments should be used to drive a teacher's next step in the learning process of their students. Retrieval practice is an effective way to gauge student understanding even though it is... Continue Reading →

Re-sequence Questions in Formative

One of the unique question features found in the premium version of Formative is the "Resequence" option. This type of question gives teachers a way to assess students on their ability to place items in sequential order. This type of question can be valuable to use in any content area. Sequencing can be a powerful... Continue Reading →

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