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Retrieval Practice Using Go Formative

There are many ways in which we can formally assess our students. No matter how a teacher incorporates this teaching strategy, most agree, formative assessments should be used to drive a teacher's next step in the learning process of their students. Retrieval practice is an effective way to gauge student understanding even though it is... Continue Reading →

Re-sequence Questions in Formative

One of the unique question features found in the premium version of Formative is the "Resequence" option. This type of question gives teachers a way to assess students on their ability to place items in sequential order. This type of question can be valuable to use in any content area. Sequencing can be a powerful... Continue Reading →

Enhance your PDF’s/Documents for Engaging Lessons in Formative

Teachers are always looking for creative ways to engage their students. Unfortunately, most of us have handed out an assignment and our students react saying, "this assignment is boring". Once our students are bored, classroom management issues usually follow close behind. Numerous factors contribute to improving student engagement, like creating a positive learning environment, knowing... Continue Reading →

Importance of Feedback

As professionals, we all strive to do our best. As our journey through a school year or teaching career unfolds, we get feedback from a variety of places. Typically, administrators give us feedback on our performance a few times a school year through an evaluation system. Colleagues share thoughts on our practices during our school's... Continue Reading →

Change is Really, Really Hard!

The word "change" can be scary and frustrating for many people. We love our comfort zone. We like how things "used to be". Just when it seems like all the hard work we have put into something, someone wants us to try a different, better way. This potential change can cause an array of emotions... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the EdTech Workshop

In my early years of teaching, I found it difficult to leave my comfort zone. I felt comfortable being in my classroom, by myself, doing my own thing. As my years of teaching began to accumulate, I slowly started to overcome being comfortable all of the time. Things changed for me many years ago, when... Continue Reading →

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