Re-sequence Questions in Formative

One of the unique question features found in the premium version of Formative is the “Resequence” option. This type of question gives teachers a way to assess students on their ability to place items in sequential order. This type of question can be valuable to use in any content area. Sequencing can be a powerful assessment tool that students can use to describe items/events in order or outline the steps to follow to complete a task/make something. Some examples using this type of questioning could be:

1. Creating a specific music scale.

2. Basic steps for rebuilding an engine.

3. Retell the events within a given text in the order in which they occurred.

4. Putting events for a particular period of history in order.

5. The correct order of adding ingredients to a homemade bread recipe.

6. Placing amino acids in the correct order that will make the protein active.

7. Fibonacci art projects using number sequencing.

8. Pedagogical sequencing in developing a whole foreign language.

9. Sequence and pattern that requires specific coordination of a movement in physical education.

10. Placing numbers is an arithmetic or geometric sequence.

11. Steps in an accounting cycle.

Use the following screenshots to help guide you through creating a “resequencing” question in Formative.

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